Saturday, September 24, 2011

Duo concert at Store Vega, Cph w/Hymns From Nineveh

Hola people,

hope you are all enjoying the colorful explosion all around us these days.
I am enjoying the bright Copenhagen sun and crisp autumn air a lot. I'm logging in here to invite you all to a splendid night in celebration of what's so Nordic. A bunch of marvelous artists will hold your hand on a dark night in November. I am honored to join them and hope to see you too

November 3rd: Nordic Sounds, Store Vega, Copenhagen, DK
  in duo w/Hymns From Nineveh.
Also playing: Jonathan Johansson, Susanne Sundfør, Anna von Hauswolff, Michael Møller and more.

Read more (in Danish) and buy tickets


Friday, May 20, 2011

Buy 'Oh Solitude' - live acoustic version w/Hymns From Nineveh on iTunes

Warm up for this weekend's duo concerts with this live recording:

Oh Solitude (live at home)
(for sale on iTunes)

<3 r


It's been a week since the super heart warming concert in Odense Cathedral.
Jonas Haahr Petersen (Hymns From Nineveh) and I played our first duo concert this year at a packed cathedral. The benches were full, every chair brought out from the storage and finally the aisle floor was occupied. The audience - who was from 8-95 years old - was so quiet and attentive and we were floored by their love and response.

Here's a video clip of 'Yours Truly' I found on Youtube from the concert - the natural reverb was insane!! 

Fyens Stiftstidende was there too.
They really liked the concert and put in a 5/6 star review in Sunday's paper.
Read it here (if you have really good eyes and read Danish ;))


P1 radio interview
Jonas and I did an interview with P1 for the show 'Klubværelset' - part of a 47 min long broadcast. Our part is on a little past midways into the show. (In Danish)  
Listen to podcast

Saturday night I played the complete opposite kind of show with JOJO DJ Team at Magasinet also in Odense. You know, I really like to put my music in different clothes and setups, and this night it was the clubby house robes that I paraded. The crowd wasn't too big (maybe due to the Eurovision Song Contest...?! S-)), but we had a party with the ones that were there. So thank you Odense for a wonderful weekend - you really have a special place in my heart <3

Music video
We drove home in the night, slept a couple of hours and met up in the film studio Sunday morning to record the music video for my new Lifted House house release 'Soul To My Soul (J Mode & Patchworkz remix) - yea, that's right - I signed with Lifted House :)

We had a killer day with a great crew, some wonderful dancers and an outrageous wardrobe... It was so much fun! Can't wait to see the final video!!
Here's a little tease pic:  

P6 Offbeat
Yesterday Jonas and I visited P6 Beat on DK radio - talking to Carsten Holm and dj'ing some of our favorite duets - warming up for our on duo shows :)
Listen to podcast

Simon & Garfunkel
Oh yea - these days are crazy. Last night Jonas and I performed at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen interpreting 4 Simon & Garfunkel songs as part of a 'We Proudly Present' night. We had a great time arranging and rehearsing these songs, and a great time last night. 5 other great acts played too, and the audience was amazing.
I really enjoyed working with someone else's songs trying to make them mine.
And I really enjoy working with Jonas. It's such an inspiration and blessing.

Shows this weekend!
SO it's with great anticipation I look foreward to the two last duo concerts this Spring - this Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 21/5 - Malmö, SE: Betlehemskyrkan at 19.00
                           More info 
Sunday 22/5 - Copenhagen, DK: Jazzhouse at 20.00
                           More info and ticket link (good idea to buy tickets in advance)

Both nights the marvelous David Åhlén (SE) will play as well. I already have chills just thinking about his music.

In other words:

Hope to see you all!

Love of love,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At My Place

For those of you who haven't seen this live video - and to tease for the duo concerts:

At My Place - RebekkaMaria&Hymns From Nineveh

Duo concerts w/Hymns From Nineveh

Hello dear people,
So here's to update you on what's going on in my camp...

During the past months I have had some wonderful rehearsals with my good and very gifted friend Jonas Petersen aka Hymns From Nineveh. And May is the month, when it comes to life outside our living rooms and rehearsal space; we are going on a small tour!

It's been such a blessing and developing experience to work with Jonas - he is a very inspirational musician and good-hearted person. Just saying. I feel truly lucky to be in this duoawesomeness :)

These are the duo dates:

13/5 - Odense Domkirke - free entrance/more info
20/5 - LOUISIANA - CANCELLED! - but moved to August 19th info
21/5 - Malmö - Golomolo (Ugandan School & Orphanage charity night)
22/5 - Copenhagen Jazzhouse tickets/info

19/5 - Copenhagen Jazzhouse: 'We Proudly Present: Simon & Garfunkel' - we interpret some of their songs, as well does a bunch of other talented artists such as Mads Langer, Mikael Kærsgaard, Penny Police, CODY and more tickets/info

And in an addition to all these great but quiet concerts, I will perform with my club set-up as well... :D
14/5 - Odense, Kulturmaskinen Festival w/JOJO DJ Team

So to put it in chronological order (for the confused/slow ones ;)):

13/5 - Odense Domkirke (duo concert)
14/5 - Odense, Kulturmaskinen Festival (DJ/MC set w/JOJO DJ Team)
19/5 - Copenhagen Jazzhouse: 'We Proudly Present: Simon & Garfunkel' (duo)
21/5 - Malmö, Betlehemskyrkan (duo concert)
22/5 - Copenhagen Jazzhouse (duo concert)
19/8 - Louisiana (duo concert)

We are so looking foreward to see you all!

Lots of love

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Danish DeeJay Awards

Hey people,
I'm back from a great trip to London, where I played at the EQ Sunday School.
I also made a little roadtrip video teaser for my show this coming Sunday. I'm gonna perform a new version of Soul To My Soul with beats and dancers. Can't wait!
But this video is all about my travelling alone - singing from different corners of the world. Hope you'll enjoy :)

And see you at DDJA!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Is Head @ Loppen tonight

Tonight tonight - I will humbly join Swedish P3 Guld's 'Årets Pop' (this year's Pop) aka This Is Head on stage at Loppen in CPH for one single and wonderful song: 0011

If you haven't heard of this band - you really have a great treat in store - go spoil yourselves with sweets from their praised album called: 0001

And make sure to come tonight at Loppen - the entrance is but 50 DKK, so there is no excuse!
FB Event: This Is Head @ Loppen

Check out some of their great videos as well:
0011 Live at Nyhetsmorgon

And of course their own blog:

Bi info:
* Tom Malmros and Björn Wiking of This Is Head engineered a lot of the songs on my album 'Sister Sortie' - great times working with these talented men.
* Guitarist Henric Claesson did the artwork for 'Sister Sortie' - likewise!
* Some of you really old followers might recognize the names of Henric Claesson and drummer Adam Jacobsson - we used to play together in my old band Lampshade!

There is so much praise to do, but for now, I will let you to check it out for yourselves.